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Vertisa Mobile Medical Waste Sterilization Solutions for Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Unit, caters to many other customized demands, such as in stand alone wate steriilization facilities, military field hospital, emergency situations such as nature disaster and epidemic diseases, or taking care of marine and island’s medical waste.

The system is composed of autoclavewith integrared shredder, boiler and if requeted dedicated power generator. It works 24/7 as long as water and diesel available.



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Features of our Medical Waste Transport Vehicles

  • The waste bin of medical waste trucks is designed to be robust, durable and leakproof.
  • There is a lock on the covers of medical waste casings.
  • The rear and side shields of the medical waste truck are available.
  • The transport part is made of stainless steel material with smooth surface which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • In the design, which prevents the accumulation of fluid in the conveying section, the intersecting surfaces are joined together with soft turns so that they do not have vertical corners.
  • In accordance with the regulation, there is absolutely no compression mechanism in the transport section of medical waste trucks.


Technical FeaturesValue
Size (L x W x H) (mm)2200 x 1500 x 1500
Weight (Kg)1850
Air Pressure (Bar max)8
Electrical connection required (Kw)17*
Working CharacteristicsValue
Sterilizing Capacity (Kg/ Hour)150
Process Volume Capacity (Lt.)870**
Average Waste Density (Kg/m3)100 – 150
Average Cycle Time (Min.)30
Maximum Steam Flow (Kg/Hour)290
Sterilization Efficiency (SAL)8 Log10
Consumption / CycleValue
Steam (Kg)13
Electricity (Kw)4**
Water (Lt)None***
Special ConsumablesAutoclave Bags
* P50 – P100 – P150 includes built in electrical steam boiler
** Electrical consumption of the sterilizer only
*** Water consumption of integrated steam boiler: 7 – 12 Lt./ Cycle
All Systems can be customized to customer specification


Please fill out the form, and one of our sales executives will contact you back.

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